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Issues with Fuzzy 20 RC 4 "Updated"  (Przeczytany 4806 razy)

Issues with Fuzzy 20 RC 4 "Updated"
« dnia: Grudzień 30, 2010, 20:43:15 »

Hey guys ;)

I just installed the Fuzzy theme on my website ( newbielink:http://gunbad.com/index.php [nonactive] ) and there is one little issue I am having.

Each of the block titles has a funky graphic just before the name.  The color and shape would indicate that this is a graphic that's part of some kind of default set, but I was unable to check what image that is so I could change it.

I am attaching a screenshot of what I mean below.

Does anyone have any idea where this graphic comes from and/or where I would locate it in order to edit it to match the website ?

BTW my family is originally from Poland so I can read & understand it, just don't do so well with writing in it, so if anyone feels like replying in Polish that's ok.

Odp: Issues with Fuzzy 20 RC 4 "Updated"
« Odpowiedź #1 dnia: Grudzień 30, 2010, 21:48:17 »

Took me a while but I found the answer.

Simpleportal defaults to :


so that is the graphic file that needs to be edited.


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Odp: Issues with Fuzzy 20 RC 4 "Updated"
« Odpowiedź #2 dnia: Grudzień 30, 2010, 22:04:02 »
Thanks man! We're really sorry that we didn't help you. I was trying to find the solution but I fail, I don't know this style at all but I will talk abotu this problem with voythas (author of this style).
Sorry for my english and thaks for sharing the solution with us! :D
Have a nice day (or rather night now :D )
« Ostatnia zmiana: Grudzień 30, 2010, 22:08:37 wysłana przez Abik »


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Odp: Issues with Fuzzy 20 RC 4 "Updated"
« Odpowiedź #3 dnia: Grudzień 31, 2010, 18:55:42 »
On Firefox everything looks fine, just with Chrome there's something wrong. Surely voythas will fix it soon.

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